Choosing the test

If the desired analysis is known, choose a test method from the list of tests offered by our lab. If the exact test method for the desired analysis is not known, we would be happy to discuss the options we offer to best tailor our service to your needs. We can also work with you to modify standard tests to better fit non-standard sample types. Simply use the Lab’s “Contact Us” form or call the Laboratory Manager/Technical Director to initiate contact.

Submitting a Sample

Once the test method is chosen, we will electronically send you a Chain of Custody Form and further instructions for sampling, sample size requirements, and shipping if applicable. Simply follow the instructions on the Chain of Custody form and include it in the sample’s container when shipping. If available, please include a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with the sample. Pack the sample according to the appropriate UN, US DOT, or specific carrier’s requirements and regulations.

Our offices are open to receive samples Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm EST. Please contact us before shipping a sample which has specific storage, handling, or timeframe requirements.

Reporting Data

The Proton Power, Inc. Analytical Laboratory ensures privacy and confidentiality to all of its customers. Unless specified otherwise in writing, we will only release data to the person or organization designated on the Payment Information Form. To change the designated recipient or add a designated recipient, contact the Laboratory Manager/Technical Director.

Research, Method Development, and Contract Work

The Lab offers a variety of services related to research, method development, and contract work. Feel free to contact us to discuss any collaborative projects which may arise.