Proton Power Presents First Annual Sales Awards

Proton Power, Inc. hosted its first annual sales awards dinner at Tellico Village Yacht Club on the evening of Wednesday, the 1st of May. Three companies were honored for outstanding sales of Proton Power, Inc.’s Cellulose to Hydrogen Power technology.

ARiES Energy of Knoxville, TN, Global Link One, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA and Proton Power Bioenergy, Inc. of Kelowna, BC, Canada were each appreciated for their important roles in 2012 for the early commercial success of CHyP technology, as it is affectionately known.


CHyP technology converts biomass and waste material to a hydrogen-rich syngas, which directly feeds natural gas or diesel generators to provide clean, sustainable electrical power. Additionally, the inexpensive hydrogen produced by the CHyP system will be used to make drop-in synthetic fuels such as renewable diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

The pioneering adopter of CHyP technology is Wampler’s Farm Sausage of Lenoir City, TN, also the 2013 recipient of the Pinnacle Innovation Award by the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. The first of its kind in the world, the bioenergy system at Wampler’s will boast 750 kilowatts of installed capacity for on-demand, distributed electrical power and is scheduled for completion in midsummer of 2013.

Among the other early adopters of CHyP technology are a transportation company with a large requirement for diesel fuel and a large company in the lumber industry. Proton Power, Inc. respects the wishes of these organizations to remain anonymous at this time. Proton Power is tremendously grateful to be a part of these organizations’ sustainability initiatives and be their clean energy choice of the future.