Our History


Founded in 2005, Proton Power, Inc. is the brainchild of Dr. Sam Weaver and Dan Hensley, who have developed a renewable energy system designed for producing inexpensive hydrogen on demand from biomass and waste sources. Dr. Weaver and Hensley have a long, 40+ year history of developing successful and innovative technological products from the ground up, including:

  • Aircraft brakes for the Boeing 767 and 777, plus military aircrafts
  • The first 2800C production furnaces for high strength, high modulus carbon fibers
  • Ceramic punch technology and equipment to make Coors the thinnest aluminum beer cans in the world
  • Neutron absorbers for nuclear power plants with 87% worldwide market share
  • Test and research reactor fuel which provided radioisotopes that served 10 million people annually

Today, Dr. Weaver and Hensley lead an experienced management team with extensive manufacturing experience at Proton Power. The PPI staff of more than 135 employees includes more than 25 talented engineers and scientists.


Proton Power has a strong physical presence with 5 locations, and more than 142,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space on 161 acres of land.


PPI’s patented CHyP system is proven to positively impact your company’s bottom line, whether you’re looking to address a sustainability initiative or undertake a business investment opportunity (or both). 

As a business owner and decision-maker, the CHyP system will help you control energy costs and make expenses predictable - while demonstrating to your customers that you are leading by example in the drive for sustainability.

The CHyP system provides an economical and environmentally-friendly solution to companies that have disposal issues with large quantities of process waste products.

PPI lowers risk by supplying a complete system – fully commissioned and ready to go. We’ll train you to operate and maintain the system in a proper and safe manner, or help you to secure a skilled and experienced operating team.