ProCene: Graphene from Proton Power


the procene story...

Graphene is truly a wonder material. It is 100 times stronger than steel, it conducts electricity 1000 times and heat 20 times better than copper, and it is used to make supercapacitors.  Its potential applications are almost unlimited.  However, the use of graphene today is practically non-existent, because it is very difficult and expensive to produce using currently available production techniques.

Proton Power is out to change all of that. 

Proton Power has developed a process to produce two grades of graphene or graphene-like material. ProCene has properties consistent with the best graphene materials being sold commercially.  ProCnano is a lower grade graphene-containing material that is great for strengthening materials such as concrete, asphalt, polymers, and 3D printer fiber. Proton Power can produce ProCene or ProCnano at very high production levels of thousands of tons per year.

Fully utilized, graphene has the potential to change the world.  At Proton Power, ProCene and ProCnano are opening the door to that change.

If you would like to purchase ProCene or ProCnano, or for further information about either product, please use  “ProCene Contact Us”.